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Moxa’s ioThinx 4500 Series Controllers and I/Os Wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

Moxa announces that its ioThinx 4500 Series controllers and I/Os have been placed in winner category of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019.

MoxaThis year, Moxa competed with more than 5,500 entries produced by designers and manufacturers from 55 countries. “The excellent innovation of the ioThinx 4500 Series is based on its simple yet smart installation principle, which saves a lot of time and effort,” according to the jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. The award and the statement serve to confirm that we always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, and the product’s user-oriented design allows both IA or IT engineers to use their products in a wide range of applications.

Deliver Your I/O Data to the Cloud, Quickly and Securely

With more and more field devices being connected to the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), the need to keep all those “things” continuously connected to the Internet has put a premium on network devices that can stay connected, without needing an IT engineer to reboot the devices when they crash unexpectedly. Although data is the most important aspect of any I/O application, before the data can be used, it must be extracted from all sorts of industrial sensors and devices. This is often a cumbersome and time-consuming task, not to mention a drain on engineering resources. “Moxa’s ioThinx 4500 Series advanced modular controllers and I/Os are IIoT-ready modular controllers and I/Os that feature programmable language capability, cloud connectivity, high computing power for precision control, and system-wide cybersecurity,” said Austin Lin, Product Manager of Moxa’s Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Division. “Tailor-made for IIoT applications, the compact, intelligent, and secure ioThinx 4500 Series advanced modular controllers and I/Os provide I/O-to-cloud connectivity and IT/OT protocol convergence”.

ioThinx 4533 Advanced Modular Controller

  • Cloud connectivity: Save field-site data to the cloud with the built-in Azure/AWS/Alibaba SDK library and streamline your operations with OPC UA to SCADA capability.
  • Precision control: Achieve a balance between control and computing in one device by using a real-time OS to prioritize application settings.
  • Programming language: Supports a variety of programming languages, including Python and C/C++.
  • System-wide cybersecurity design: Systematic Security Protection can be applied to the hardware, OS, and library layer to help users mitigate cybersecurity threats.

ioThinx 4510 Advanced Modular Remote I/O

  • Cloud connectivity: Supports MQTT protocols that can be connected to the cloud with a reasonable number of mouse clicks. If you are using a web HMI or NMS for data supervision on a private cloud, you can make the connection using a RESTful API or SNMP, respectively.
  • Auto reconfiguration: Making a few simple changes requires no reconfiguration effort. Simply fine tune the modules you want to change, and keep the others as is.
  • Cybersecurity: Secure design that follows the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) concept and is compliant with IEC 62443 level 1.

Get Started With the ioThinx lloT Starter Kit


The ioThinx IIoT Starter Kit has everything you need to set up and test your IT/OT cloud applications. The starter kit includes an ioThinx 4510 advanced modular remote I/O device and an I/O board for IIoT applications. Since no wiring is required, you can set up MQTT, RESTful API, SNMP, and Modbus connections in a few simple steps.

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