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Net Neutrality: COAI’s “Sabka Internet, Sabka Vikas” Campaign garners support from 40 lakh people

Net Neutrality

COAI has announced that “SabkaInternet, Sab ka Vikas”, its campaign for net neutrality, net equality and consumer choice, has received support from over 40 lakh Indian mobile users within a week. Launched last month on 22ndof April 2015, the campaign aimed at making the Internet accessible and affordable for every Indian.

This campaign is about ensuring that everyone has the right to select what they desire to access, ensuring access to solutions that make the internet affordable, and applying the same rules for the same services to all.

In a Media briefing session by the CEOs, COAI members had reaffirmed their commitment to the government’s Digital India programme and to promote Net Equality.

Rajan S. Mathews, DirectorGeneral, COAI, said,The campaign championed the cause of customers choosing what they would like to access in the web space, benefitting from affordable internet packages and with the same rules being applicable to services as well.”

“We respect the choice of our customers and support the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India. #SabkaInternet has always been the essence of our philosophy and the billions of dollars investments made by all the telecom operators in the space,” added Mathews.

In the past week, over 40 lakh people showed their support for the campaign. COAI started the outreach attempt to ensure mobile users have the freedom to benefit from the power of the internet in the way they would wish to. This includes the choice of platform, device and technology.



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