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NETMONASTERY & SecurityHQ Deliver Security Solutions

NETMONASTERY NSPL has collaborated with SecurityHQ, delivering superior engineering-led solutions to clients around the world.

SecurityHQBy combining dedicated security experts, cutting-edge technology, and processes, SecurityHQ clients receive an enterprise-grade experience that ensures that all IT virtual assets, cloud, and traditional infrastructures, are protected.

“With DNIF, SecurityHQ has been able to add yet another enterprise-grade SIEM to our portfolio of handpicked technology providers. DNIF team ensured that we got the required support to integrate it seamlessly in our flagship MDR service offering, guaranteeing we can maintain the same high standards of our service. With DNIF we can provide a flexible and powerful SIEM option, coupled with our globally recognized MDR service to our enterprise clients in India”, Sanket Khanolkar, COO, SecurityHQ

“DNIF HyperScale SIEM has strong analytic capabilities that will help us set benchmarks in user and entity analytics. The all-in-one platform that includes a SIEM, UEBA and SOAR has been optimized for a good threat management workflow and is efficient for enterprise-scale deployments”, says Feras Tappuni, CEO, SecurityHQ

“SecurityHQ has a customer-first attitude that reflects in their reviews and growth that they have demonstrated in the last few years. Taking the customers’ viewpoint, SecurityHQ has a strong MDR process, because they make the effort to dive deep into the customer environment to create a threat detection strategy that is contextual and relevant to the customer” said Shomiron Das Gupta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NETMONASTERY.

Under this engagement, the two companies agree to work together to bring high-caliber threat detection, entity monitoring and automated response to its prospects. This partnership will enable customers to enjoy cutbacks in the total cost of ownership of the SIEM infrastructure and a reduction in the cost of security operations.

NETMONASTERY delivers through its product DNIF HyperScale SIEM, a single-window cybersecurity solution designed for enterprise Security Operations Centers (SOC), that includes a combination of a SIEM, User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR).

The product delivers pioneering threat attribution using subjective machine intelligence and detects multi-stage threats without human arbitration.

By joining forces with SecurityHQ, customers will benefit from a truly high-end service provider that maintains high standards in enterprise threat management and focuses on stronger integration with the customer environment.

DNIF HyperScale SIEM will enhance the service quality by operationally changing the efficacy and efficiency of detecting threats with automated threat discovery using cognitive machine learning technologies.


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