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NETRACK is keeping a Close Tab on changing Market Trends and Customer Demands

Ravi Raj Brand Head
Ravi Raj | Brand Head, Director | Sales & Support | NetRack

The complexities are acute in the data-driven world. Today, SMEs are driving a good chunk of the market creating the market leaders to scuffle rapidly and propel a unified solution. Data Centers are contriving a paradigm shift needing ‘Intelligent’ solutions. To drive the data center market and accommodate the trends needs well-engineered products to pale the challenges. Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director – Sales & Support at NetRack has been evident on stimulating the company’s track to wider and accordable scopes. Talking to BiS Infotech, the doyen eloquent on the marketing fruition and prudently shares the company’s philosophy with a pragmatic standpoint. Excerpts.

 The latest offering and solution of the company matching the next Data Centers?

As you know technology and innovation always go hand in hand. Data centers will continue to evolve and DC Managers will be looking at deployment of DCIM and intelligent Data Centers. NetRack offers a set of high-quality racks with integrated cable management, intelligent PDU, intelligent rack access & environmental monitoring, asset management and containments/corridors. Along with this, for SMEs or on-premise requirements, we offer iRack & iRack Block, an integrated self-cooled, powered, and contained solution to suit the varied needs of customers.

Data centers are undergoing fundamental mutations in terms of management shifts their focus to issues such as speed of deployment, manageability, scalability, efficiency and security. How the company is scaling their solutions to the vigorous industry change?

NETRACK is keeping a close tab on changing market trends and customer demands. Our solutions are developed to meet the latest challenges faced by customer organizations. For complete Data Center automation and DCIM, 100% deployment will be the best way forward. This will enable better power & energy management, asset management, environmental monitoring with integration to PAC, IP port availability, power socket availability – all the issues can be more easily addressed provided the management is willing to go for 100% deployment of DC solutions.

Recently the company has come under a strategic partnership with Mayflex. What will be the prime focus of the company in the EU region?

Mayflex has presence in more than 60 countries and has a strong network in the European market. With this partnership, NETRACK looks forward to establishing a firm foothold in the European market by connecting with Mayflex’s partners and providing the latest product offering for the data center industry. The two companies will work together to meet the increasing demand of products in the IT, Engineering Labs & Data Center space for the ever-expanding European Market.

The data centers are migrating from a traditional, virtualized, stringent and centralized IT infrastructure into a service-oriented and economically efficient internal cloud? Kindly share your opinions into the rational revolution?

As we all know that, transformation is rule of nature and necessity is mother of invention. Data Center owners have no choice other than to accept and align themselves with the current market requirements.

Reports cite that data volumes will exceed 6 trillion terabytes (TB) – a comprehensive need is witnessed to respond to the changes both in data center ecosystem and in the market. Your comments?

The industry continues to advance at an unprecedented pace and there is a data explosion of sorts that needs to be managed. With so many apps and personal data increasing day by day, there is no option but to look for new innovations and solutions to tackle the emerging challenges.

Pain points of CIOs in data centers and how NETRACK can address them?

NETRACK can be a single point solution for all the major DC Infrastructure requirements. We have a variety of solutions including intelligent racks, power management, asset management, environmental & rack access management & cooling solutions that can meet the demands of today’s data centers.

How has been the Growth of the company in the last few years?

NETRACK is growing consistently and we can proudly say that our growth rate is of almost 30% per Year.

The company has recently launched new iRack & iRack Blocks – Kindly throw some light on the pristine solution and its applications?

It is an instigated solution for on-premise data center basically to address both SME & Infra-capsules for Corporate/Enterprise segment. This will be a self-cooled, powered & contained solution. The iRack is specially designed to suit the requirements of SMEs, Banking & warehouses while iRack Blocks is designed for Corporate/ Enterprise segment.

Apart from this, Acoustic Rack is built with both passive & active noise cancelation in collaboration with M/s Selenium of Israel. This can be proved fruitful for office area/lab area where there is availability for cooling and this rack is having a capability to handle 7 KVA heat load and can reduce noise level to as low as 50 DB.

Any recent achievement and milestones outreached by the company?

Recently NETRACK has been awarded ISO 14001:2004 certification for Environmental Management System as well as an OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management System. As far as achievement is concerned, NetRack always believe in innovation, products and solution which will increase business volume & revenue, and last year’s innovations include iRack, iRack Blocks & Acoustic Racks.

Any specific investment plans in India?

We are continuously expanding our network by adding 20,000 SFT to handle our increased business requirement and intelligent products in this ever growing Indian market.


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