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The New AMR-Based Angle Sensors are Infineon’s Latest Addition

Infineon Technologies, at the Sensor+Test trade fair, announced the expansion of its sensor portfolio by adding a new family of AMR-based angle sensors.

Infineon TLE5109A16

The XENSIV TLE5109A16 products address the need for very precise, fast and yet cost-efficient angle measurement at the highest functional safety levels in automotive and industrial applications

The Features and Benefits of the TLE5109A16 Sensor include:

  • Wide magnetic field range: from 10mT up to >500mT
  • High angle accuracy with only 0.1° overall angle error (typ.)
  • Best-in-class typ. angle error of only 0.2° within range 10…20mT
  • Separate supply pins for top and bottom sensor
  • Low current consumption
  • Quick start up
  • Optimized 3.3 V or 5 V supply voltage
  • Pre-amplified output signals for differential or single-ended applications for AMR sensor
  • TDSO 16 package
  • Automotive qualified acc. to AEC Q100
  • ready for ISO26262, targeting ASIL D for dual die

The major applications of the device are:

  • BLDC motor position (e.g. pumps, wipers, brakes and other actuators)
  • EPS Rotor Position
  • Pedals and rotary switches
  • Valve or flap position sensing
  • Steering angle sensing (SAS)
  • Electric Motors
  • Magnetic Encoders
  • High-Speed Applications
  • Automotive and Industrial Safety

The latest AMR-based angle sensors complement the already existing GMR-based TLE5009A16 and diverse TLE5309D products from Infineon. Identical pin-configuration and interfaces of all XENSIV TLE5x09 sensors inside a TDSO-16 package enable customers to switch from one to another product or product version very quickly and at low design-in efforts.


Infineon’s XENSIV TLE5109A16 products are now available on the market.


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