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New at Mouser, TI’s MOSFET and GaN FET Driver

Mouser Electronics is shipping the LMG1210 200 V half-bridge MOSFET and GaN FET driver from Texas Instruments (TI).

Mouser Electronics

The LMG1210, a part of TI’s industry-leading gallium nitride (GaN) power portfolio family enables higher efficiency, increased power density, and lower overall system size over traditional silicon-based alternatives, and are optimized specifically for speed-critical power-conversion applications.

Exclusive at Mouser Electronics, the Key Features of the LMG1210 includes:

  • Up to 50MHz operation
  • 10ns typical propagation delay
  • 4ns high-side to low-side matching
  • Minimum pulse width of 4ns
  • Two control input options
  • Single PWM input with adjustable dead time
  • Independent input mode
  • 5A peak source and 3A peak sink currents
  • External bootstrap diode for flexibility
  • Internal LDO for adaptability to voltage rails
  • High 300V/ns CMTI
  • HO to LO capacitance less than 1pF
  • UVLO and overtemperature protection
  • Low-inductance WQFN package

TI’s LMG1210 driver is ideal for a broad range of applications, including high-speed DC/DC converters, motor control, Class-D audio amplifiers, Class-E wireless charging, RF envelope tracking, and other power-conversion applications.

Further information on the product: Click Here


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