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New Dual Buck Converters with Multiphase Capability

converterelement14 has stocked high-performance and reliable MAX25254/MAX25255 dual buck converters with integrated high-side and low-side switches from Analog Devices.

The device features 36V input voltage capability and has a maximum output current of 8A per channel.

One of the key features of the MAX25255 is its multiphase capability, which enables multiple converters to work together in an interleaved manner to provide improved conversion efficiency and reduce output ripple. This is especially useful in high-current applications where a single converter cannot handle the power demand.

Additionally, MAX25255 meets Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL B) requirements, making it suitable for safety-critical automotive applications. Other features of the device include programmable switching frequency, soft-start, and over-current protection.

The MAX25254/MAX25255 is available in a compact 23-pin FC2QFN package with dimensions of 4.50mm x 5.75mm.


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