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Mitsubishi Electric Adds New Ku-band GaN HEMTs

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has added two new 13.75-14.5 GHz (Ku-band) 30W (45.3dBm) gallium-nitride high-electron-mobility transistors (GaN HEMTs) to the company’s GaN HEMT lineup for satellite-communication (SATCOM) earth stations.

Mitsubishi The two products, one for multi-carrier1 communication and the other for single-carrier2 communication will support increased data-transmission capacity and smaller earth stations. Sales will begin on March 15.

Single-carrier 30W MGFK45G3745 (left) and multi-carrier 30W MGFK45G3745A (right)

Ku-band satellite systems are increasingly being deployed for emergency communication during natural disasters and for satellite news gathering (SNG) by TV broadcasters in remote areas where cable networks do not exist.

Meanwhile, in addition to the growing use of conventional single-carrier communication, multi-carrier communication is increasingly needed for fast, high-volume communication and to support the downsizing of mobile stations for purposes such as SNG.

So far, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced five GaN HEMTs for multi-carrier and single-carrier SATCOM earth stations. The two new 30W GaN HEMTs will enable more flexible amplifier designs, including rated power levels and the use of GaN drivers.

They also will support the downsizing of earth stations as well as faster, larger-capacity satellite communication.


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