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New Health Monitoring Tool to Improve Rotating Equipment

Honeywell MaduraiHoneywell has introduced its Versatilis™ Transmitters for condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, compressors, fans, blowers, and gearboxes. Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitters provide relevant measurements of rotating equipment, delivering intelligence that can improve safety, availability, and reliability across industries.

Unplanned downtime from failures and high maintenance costs adversely impacts any industrial facilities operations. According to McKinsey & Company, condition-based maintenance in manufacturing industries could add $290 – 530 million in economic value by 2030. For condition-based maintenance to work, solution providers must ease installation, enhance interoperability and cybersecurity, and ensure the lowest possible wireless infrastructure costs.

Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitters are a multi-variant instrument based on the low power, long range LoRaWAN® protocol. Low-power consumption and easy installation allow manufacturers to deploy at scale at low capital and operating expenditure. Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitters are extremely easy to configure through a mobile application over Bluetooth®.

Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitters measure vibration, surface temperature, and acoustics to anticipate rotary equipment anomalies. These measurements have additional applications like heat exchange reliability and substation reliability.

Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitters can seamlessly integrate with Honeywell’s Experion HS and other SCADA or asset management platforms. When used with Honeywell’s analytics software, this technology can predict equipment failures such as asset imbalance, misalignment, and bearing-related issues before they happen, helping to reduce unplanned downtime.

“Predictive maintenance through condition-based monitoring is an important digitalization use case at industrial facilities,” said Achal Nath, Senior Director, Offering Management at Honeywell Process Solutions. “By integrating Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitters into their operations, companies can utilize data-based equipment health insights to achieve optimal rotating equipment performance.”


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