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New High-End Embedded Training Programs Announced!

programElfonze Technologies has announced the launch of its ESDM website ( and Offline Embedded Training Programs for engineering graduates and professionals who wish to upskill or migrate to training in high-end embedded programs Super 30 to begin from April 17, 2023.

The ESDM website will serve as a platform for individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in embedded systems design and development. With a range of resources and learning materials, including industry expert tech talks, blogs, videos, tutorials, the website offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience to aspiring professionals.

The Offline embedded training programs are designed to provide students and professionals with hands-on experience in designing and developing high-end embedded systems. The programs will cover a range of topics, including microcontroller programming, embedded system design, firmware development, real-time operating systems, and a choice of domain specific training in Automotive, EV, Cybersecurity, Communication, IoT

“We are thrilled to launch our ESDM website and embedded training programs to help individuals who wish to upskill and migrate to training in high-end embedded programs,” said Saravanam J, COO-ESDM of Elfonze. “At Elfonze, we are committed to providing innovative solutions and opportunities to individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in embedded systems design and development.” said Jayachandra Aradhya CTO-ESDM, Elfonze.

Upon completion of the programs, students will receive a recognized certificate of completion, which will enhance their professional profile and Elfonze with its good client connect and needs of the industry will assist in their career in the embedded systems domain.


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