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New Low Inductance DC Link Film Capacitors

film-capacitorCornell Dubilier Electronics has announced its 944L Series of low inductance, high current DC link film capacitors.

Applications in green energy inverter systems and Level 3 EV chargers are placing greater demands on power conversion circuits that deliver more power with a smaller footprint. The 944L Series was designed with these applications in mind.

The series makes use of large diameter, non-inductive windings with low-inductance internal buss connections, yielding equivalent series inductance (ESL) values ranging from 10 to 15 nano henries. Ripple current ratings of up to 90 amperes at an ambient temperature of 55 °C are achieved by using low-loss polypropylene dielectric with metalized electrodes optimized for applications in fast-switching power inverters.

944L series capacitors are available in values ranging from 33 to 220 µF, with voltage ratings of 800, 1000, 1200, and 1400 Vdc. The series meets a 5,000-hour life test @ 85 °C with rated voltage applied, yielding an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours or greater with ripple current or ambient temperature derating.

The capacitors are contained in a UL94V-0-rated plastic case with integral mounting flanges for secure, vibration-resistant installation. All case sizes have an 84.5 mm diameter with heights of 40, 51, and 64 mm, depending upon rating. Standard termination options include M8 threaded studs or M5 threaded inserts made of tin-plated brass.

944L Series capacitors are available now from the company’s authorized distributors.


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