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New PMIC Simplifies Power Supply Design for Automotive Camera Applications

The RAA271082 supports the power requirements of almost any combination of image sensor, image signal processor (ISP) and encoder technology.

Renesas Electronics has unveiled an innovative automotive power management IC (PMIC) for next-generation automotive camera applications.

automotive-cameraThe RAA271082 is a versatile ISO-26262-compliant multi-rail power IC with a primary high-voltage synchronous buck regulator, two secondary low-voltage synchronous buck regulators, and a low-voltage LDO regulator.

It offers four overvoltages and Undervoltage (OV/UV) monitors, I2C communications, a configurable general-purpose I/O pin, and a dedicated reset output/fault indicator.

To meet stringent ASIL B metrics, the RAA271082 includes a second independent reference for OV/UV monitors, built-in self-test at power-up, independent OV/UV monitoring, and continuous CRC error checking on internal registers and I2C communications.

The highly integrated RAA271082 provides a universal power solution for automotive cameras.  It is an ideal companion for Renesas’ Automotive High-Definition Link (AHL) technology that enables car manufacturers to deliver high-definition video using low-cost cables and connectors. The new PMIC simplifies power supply design for automotive camera applications requiring functional safety compliance, modules that include surround view/satellite, rearview, driver monitor, and e-mirror. The RAA271082 supports the power requirements of almost any combination of image sensor, image signal processor (ISP) and encoder technology, while also supporting direct-from-battery as well as power-over coax supply.

In addition to imaging systems, the RAA271082’s high integration and comprehensive safety features make it an excellent solution for 16- and 32-bit automotive MCUs in a variety of applications.

“Cameras are now an indispensable feature for all new vehicles,” said Niall Lyne, Vice President of the Automotive Analog Power and Video Business Division at Renesas. “Our new PMIC delivers all the functionality our customers need in a compact form factor suitable for almost all automotive camera modules. It is an excellent companion for our AHL solution, recently named as one of the most innovative applications of computer vision technology.”

Key Features of the RAA271082 PMIC

  • Developed on an ISO-26262 compliant process, to support system safety goals reaching ASIL B
  • High degree of programmability supports a wide assortment of automotive image sensors from all major vendors
  • Provides 1A output current capability per switching regulator to support the growing power demands of the latest generation of high-resolution automotive image sensors.
  • Supports general-purpose automotive MCUs with integrated reset generation, watchdog timer and programmable GPIO
  • Integrates multiple components and functions to reduce overall power consumption

Winning Combination with RAA271082 and AHL

Renesas has developed a Winning Combination to assist customers in designing automotive camera systems using both the RAA271082 and AHL: Full Digital Cluster with AHL.


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