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New Power Inductors are Reliable for ADAS

The new power inductors will meet the increasing requirements for automotive safety measures.

element14 has announced the availability of Panasonic Industry Europe’s (Panasonic) world-class high-performance ETQP*M* Series of power inductors designed for automotive, e-mobility and industrial applications.

power-inductorsThe series is a significant addition to element14’s passive component portfolio and will help meet the growing demand for high-power inductors. Customers can now accelerate new product development, reducing time-to-market while enjoying fast and reliable sourcing from element14.

The new power inductors will meet the increasing requirements for automotive safety measures, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), steering control and braking systems. Automotive powertrain applications, such as engine and motor generators, drive train controllers and battery management electronic control units (ECUs) are also supported.

Panasonic’s new ETQP*M* Series are half the size of conventional ferrite technology inductors and 15% to 30% smaller than competitive iron core magnetic technology inductors on the market. The compact size and elegant design ensure easy integration to meet the current and power requirements of demanding applications. Moreover, a single inductor can often fulfil a wide range of power, current and mechanical requirements that would normally require many different components. The high-performance ETQP*M* Series can also help drive efficiency gains in manufacturing and industrial systems, with easy integration into factory automation applications and the design of collaboration robots (cobots).

Simon Meadmore, Vice President of Product and Supplier Management, at element14 says: “Automotive design is witnessing almost dizzying progress in the move to electrification. There is a clear trend toward more compact components which can save space, improve efficiency and reduce the weight of critical applications. Correspondingly, the demand for passive components such as power choke coils that can reliably withstand difficult automotive conditions is higher than ever – and it’s not only about construction toughness and heat resistance. The new ETQP*M* Series from Panasonic meets all of these key requirements for high-quality power inductors.”

Panasonic Industry Europe is driving industrial innovation, synergies and automation with an extensive range of business partners. Their portfolio of products and services includes components, devices, energy & building and automation. They service a wide range of industries including mobility, infrastructure, home & living, production & logistics and healthcare.


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