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New Product Manufacturing Lines to Support Industry, Buildings, and Data Centres

Schneider Electric Intelect–DistribuelecSchneider Electric has announced – the launch of new product lines in one of its manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru, India to support the growing demand for protection relays, IoT gateways for digitization of power quality and management.

These innovative solutions cater to the country’s electrical infrastructure, the need for buildings decarbonization, and energy efficiency. Power quality products such as PowerLogic EVC+ enable efficiency of power consumption, whereas the PowerLogic P3 protection relays provide a complete range of protection for medium-voltage applications to include motors, transformers, and generators. The company also announced that it is creating a pool of 400 engineers, within its existing resource pool of over 5600 R&D and software engineers dedicated to driving digitization of power management innovation and better-serving customer demand.

“60% of energy today is lost or wasted, presenting an opportunity for us to help customers become more energy efficient.  We believe a more electric and digital world is critical to enabling a decarbonized, and resilient future.” – said Manish Kumar, Executive Vice President, Digital Energy, Schneider Electric. “These innovations allow our customers to increase equipment performance, minimize power loss up to 30%, and reduce carbon impact. The growing opportunity in India, coupled with our investment in digital solutions and expanded manufacturing, will help contribute to the country’s economic development – while creating a path to a resilient, electrical infrastructure and sustainable tomorrow.”

Anil Chaudhry, Zone President, India and CEO & MD Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. “Manufacturing and R&D are at the heart of India’s economic development. With the country’s growing energy needs and it being the 3rd largest primary energy consumer in the world, there is an exponential need to innovate and distribute products that not only support safety of consumers but create awareness on the amount of energy consumed. Our massive portfolio will help support this growing demand and support in future-proofing quality equipment for our consumers.”

Schneider Electric is as an Impact company, committed to bridge progress and sustainability for all. An Impact company seeks to address the needs of all stakeholders in its ecosystem, from employees to supply chain partners, customers, as well as local communities. The company is not only a sustainability enabler, but also a sustainability practitioner, leading in ESG and committed to become Net-Zero by 2050 across its end-to-end value chain.


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