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New Robot T4 for EFT/POS Terminal Testing

AbrantixAbrantix has unveiled new Robot T4, which can support up to four terminals.

Some of the features of Robot T4 are:

  • Supports any payment terminal (traditional or Android terminals, with or without touchscreen)
  • Simultaneous testing of up to 4 terminals
  • Super easy card calibration
  • Ultra-fast finger for testing
  • Able to perform gestures as interactions
  • Display for status information (i.e., if the robot is online)
  • Improved setup and calibration for a quick start
  • Simple API
  • Integrated with PaytestHub for all benefits of cloud testing

“Thanks to our many years of experience and through conversations with our clients we know that scaling robotic testing for payment terminals is a key feature that the market needs” Martin Gloor, Chief Product Officer, explains.

While Robot T4 will bring many advantages and additional features, Abrantix’s Robot T1 will still be one of their flagship products. Whereas Robot T1 is a lighter-weight solution that caters for all your standard use cases, Robot T4 is perfect if you want to scale up testing on multiple terminals and take the next step in your automation journey.

Deliveries for Robot T4 will start at the beginning of 2023.


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