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New Yorker Electronics and Isocom Team Up with Franchise Distribution Agreement of Optoelectronic Components

New Yorker Electronics and Isocom’s new global distribution relationship will yield more complete line of Hi-Rel components to the military, aerospace and medical sectors

New Yorker Electronics

New Yorker Electronics and Isocom have joined forces and inked a distribution agreement to develop a vaster worldwide network of certified optoelectronics. Isocom is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of testing and supply of LED optoelectronic components to the military, aerospace, industrial, medical and communication sectors.

Isocom is Europe’s leading manufacturer of optocouplers and optoswitches; and also the manufacturer of the pioneering IECQ-CECC BS9400 high-reliability ceramic optocoupler. The company has almost 20 years’ experience in the military design, manufacture, and supply of high-reliability ceramic optocouplers for the defense and aerospace sectors and is responsible for the production of the world’s first 6-pin ceramic optocoupler.

New Yorker Electronics also serves these sectors. This new partnership means existing customers of both companies will be open to a new range of products from the same provider, making this relationship very beneficial to end users.

“With this new agreement, New Yorker Electronics raises the bar in supplying global optocoupler and optoswitch solutions. This allows us to deliver the most sought-after state-of-the-art technology with speed, reliability and aggressive pricing,” said Barry Slivka, President of New Yorker Electronics. “With an innovator like Isocom, we can offer even better and more complete solutions into a wider range of applications.”

The move helps New Yorker Electronics continue its pursuit of expanded product offerings from the highest rated manufacturers to offer end-to-end solutions. In recent months, the firm has announced franchise distribution agreements with MoxiE Inductors, Innodisk Embedded Flash & DRAM Solutions, Adam Tech Custom Connectors and Cable Assemblies and others, with more expected in the very near future.

Isocom Ceramic High-Reliability Optocouplers

  • Ceramic Zero Triac Optocouplers
    • High Gain Optocouplers
    • High Gain Photon Optocouplers
    • High-Speed Optocouplers
    • Linear Optocouplers
    • Transistor Optocouplers

Plastic Commercial Optocoupler

  •     AC Input Current
    • High-Density Mounting Type Photocouplers
    • High Isolation Optocouplers
    • High Speed, High Gain Optocouplers
    • Low Input Current
    • Optically Coupled Isolators
    • Photodarlington Isolators
    • Phototransistors
    • Schmitt Trigger Optcouplers
    • Triac Optocouplers
    • Zero Crossing Triac Optocouplers

New Yorker Electronics is a franchised distributor of Isocom and supplies its full line of Ceramic High-Reliability Optocouplers and Plastic Commercial Optocouplers. Isocom parts are now available through New Yorker

Web for New Yorker: Click here

Web for Isocom: Click here


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