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New Yorker Electronics Distributes Line of Film Capacitors from ASC

New Yorker Electronics is distributing the MEC-DL Low Profile DC Filter/Link Capacitor line of Film Capacitors from ASC. Designed primarily for PCB board mounting, these Low-Profile Capacitors are ideal for frequency converters, micro-inverters, and DC filtering applications.

ASC Capacitors MEC-DL

ASC Capacitors MEC-DL Low-Profile DC Film Capacitors are custom ordered only. ASC specializes in creating made-to-order solutions for unique applications and custom sizing on all lines is always an option. New Yorker Electronics maintains the full MEC-DL line, with the standard MEC-DL Capacitor series, the MEC-DL Metalized Polypropylene High Humidity Resistant Film Capacitors and the Low-Profile DC Film series.

The Key Features & Benefits MEC-DL Low Profile includes:
• Low ESR
• Dry construction
• Segmented Film for safety
• Designed for PCB
• Low ESL
• Can be used in arrays for bulk capacitance

The Major Applications of MEC-DL Low Profile includes:
• DC Filtering
• Frequency Converters
• Solar Inverters
• Micro Inverters

The lead spacing and compact size are conducive for low inductance (<1nH per mm of lead spacing), and they’re available with single or dual leads. The low-profile version offers a capacitance range of 13uF to 66uF, has a ±10% tolerance and comes in 450VDC and 850VDC. The terminals are tin-plated copper wire and mounted in PCB through hole.

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