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New Yorker Electronics Distributing Silergy Isolated Metrology Processor

New Yorker Electronics is now distributing the Silergy SY7T625 Isolated Metrology Processor for Electricity Metering Applications. The SY7T625 is the host side device of an isolated metering chipset for single-phase and poly-phase electricity metering applications.

New YorkerFeaturing Silergy’s proprietary Teridian power measurement technology, it can be combined with up to four analog front end (AFE) devices are supported, each utilizing an independent, robust capacitive-coupled digital interface. Each AFE supports two ADC channels (voltage and current) to form a highly accurate and fully isolated shunt-based meter.

The device functions as a completely autonomous metrology processor. A set of pre-processed metrology outputs can be obtained by the host by reading registers that are accessible though the SPI interface. Likewise, system parameters, such as the desired meter constant (Kh), calibration coefficients, sag threshold, and other parameters into the RAM of the SY7T625 by the host.

A powerful 24-bit Compute Engine and math accelerators implement the core requirements of high accuracy metering. Code images that cover most requirements of revenue metering are provided by Silergy. These images can be pre-loaded into the flash memory of the SY7T625 by ordering option, programmed at production, and can be updated in the field, if necessary. The flash memory is also used to store calibration coefficients generated during meter calibration and configuration.

A sophisticated onboard clock management system provides an internal clock source and automatically accesses an optional external crystal if the highest accuracy timing is desired. An integrated hardware Watchdog Timer (WDT) is also included.

Features & Benefits:

  • Isolated AFE interface supports up to four compatible Silergy remote ADCs (up to 8 analog inputs)
  • Powerful 24-bit Compute Engine with 20MHz clock frequency, supported by accelerators for multiply, divide, and square root operations
  • Factory-programmed or field programmable with Silergy provided firmware images
  • 5x5mm 32-pin QFN package
  • SPI host interface, up to 10MHz
  • Two pulse outputs and 10 additional digital I/O pins
  • 20MHz crystal (or external clock) interface for precision timing reference


  • Single or Poly-phase AMI Metering
  • Energy Monitoring


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