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New Yorker Electronics Power IC Capable of Delivering Up to 75W Output Power

SiC462New Yorker Electronics has recently updated its line of Power Integrated Circuits (Power ICs) with the new Vishay Siliconix SiC462 4.5V to 60V Synchronous microBUCK Regulator.

The SiC462 is a synchronous buck regulator with integrated high-side and low-side power MOSFETs. It is a high-efficiency buck regulator with a power state capable of supplying a continuous current of 6A at a switching frequency of up to 1MHz. It was named a Vishay Super 12 Featured Product for 2017,

This regulator produces an adjustable output voltage down to 0.8V from 4.5V to 60V input rail to accommodate a variety of applications, including computing, consumer electronics, telecom and industrial.

The device has a programmable switching frequency of 100 kHz to 2 MHz. Its control scheme is based on voltage mode constant-on time, so it delivers ultra-fast transient response with minimum output capacitance and tight ripple regulation at a very light load.

The SiC462 is stable with any capacitor and its power saving scheme significantly increases light load efficiency by enabling diode emulation mode and frequency fold-back as the load decreases. It also enables loop stability – regardless of the type of output capacitor used, including low-ESR ceramic capacitors, therefore no external ESR network is required for loop stability.

SiC462 has a full set of protection and monitoring features, including Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP) by pulse mode, Output Undervoltage Protection (UVP) with device latch and Thermal Shutdown (OTP) with hysteresis. It also has UVLO for input rail and a user programmable soft start as well as dedicated enable pin for easy power sequencing and a Power Good Open Drain Output.

The SiC462 is available in lead (Pb)-free power enhanced MLP55-27L package to deliver high power density and minimize PCB area.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable switching frequency from 100kHz to 2MHz
  • 95% peak efficiency
  • <10μA shut-down current
  • Stable with any output capacitor
  • Low quiescent current – 250μA, low shutdown current
  • Protection and monitoring: OVP, OCP, UVP, OTP, UVLO
  • Operating ambient temperature: -40°C to 105°C
  • Single supply operation from 4.5V to 60V input voltage
  • Ultra-fast transient response
  • Scalable family of output current: 3A (SiC463), 6A (SiC462), 10A (SiC461)


  • Point-of-Load Power Supplies in Telecoms Servers
  • Base Station Power Supplies
  • Wall Transformer Regulation
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Power Tools
  • Vending, ATM and Slot Machines
  • Industrial and Automation
  • Industrial Computing
  • Consumer Electronics


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