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New Yorker Electronics Releases Autec Medical Device Components

New Yorker Electronics is now distributing important medical-grade adapters from Autec Power Systems. Autec’s medical-grade power supplies are currently powering respiratory ventilators, patient monitoring devices, and diagnostic and testing machines for assisting those delivering front-line care to patients being treated for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

New YorkerNew Yorker Electronics is supplying the five most common Autec medical series: The Doctor, The Healer, The Galileo, The Nightingale and The Spell – they can be found in the end-products of the worlds’ leading high-technology Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Autec’s The Doctor, or DT-M series, is a Desktop Medical Power Supplies series featuring a Universal Input Voltage of 100Vac to 240Vac and an efficiency rating of Level VI. The Doctor meets 2xMOPP qualifications and features four inlet options: C6, C8, C14 and C18. With power ratings options of 036W, 065W, 090W, 120W, 160W, 200W, 250W and 300W, The Doctor meets all ANSI/AAMI/IEC/EN Medical Instrumentation Standards.

The Healer is a unit within the Wall Mount Medical Power Supplies series (WM-M). Like the Doctor, the Autec Healer also features a Universal Input Voltage of 100Vac to 240Vac with an efficiency rating of Level VI. It is available in a variety of power ratings including 6W, 12W, 20W and 40W. There is an optional interchangeable model for the 12W and 40W units, giving users the ability to change out the blades to accommodate different countries’ outlet standards, including US/EU/AU/UK. The Healer is also a qualified 2xMOPP unit.

The Galileo (DT-MG Series) medical adapter comes with Gallium Nitride FET Technology and has the smallest footprint. AC inlet options include C6, C8 and C14, and the Galileo is UL, cUL, and CE certified, making it ideal for medical equipment. It, too, has input voltages of 100Vac to 240Vac and provides 2xMOPP. The series is available in power ratings of 160W, 200W, 250W and 300W.

The Nightingale, or SPXXA series, is an Industrial Power Supply and a Medical Power Supply featuring an open frame design. This unit has a universal input voltage of 90 through 264Vac and an output current of 1360mA through 50000mA. Available in power ratings of 065W, 120W, 150W, 210W, 305W and 600W and form factors of 2”x4”, 3”x5”, 4”x9”, and 5”x8”. Other options available are U channel and Standby Voltage. The Nightingale is suitable for use in network systems, telecommunication systems, industrial and medical equipment.

The Spell is Autec’s SPJM Series Medical Power Supplies model which features a Medical Open Frame design. With a universal input voltage of 100–240Vac and an output current of 500mA-55000mA, the Spell comes in variations of using Molex or Terminal screws. Available in power ratings of 040W, 060W, 075W, 110W, 120W, 150W, 180W, 225W, 350W, and 550W, this open frame power supply is available in form factors of 2”x4”, 3”x5”, and 2”x3”. Options available include Class I and II, single or multiple outputs, convection cooling and forced-air cooling.


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