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New Yorker Electronics Releases Cornell Dubilier 225P Orange Drop Film Capacitors

New Yorker Electronics distributes new Cornell Dubiliers’ 225P Orange Drop Film Capacitors that offer reliability for a wide range of applications

New Yorker ElectronicsNew Yorker Electronics has added Cornell Dubilier Electronics’, 225P Orange Drop Film Capacitors, designed for a wide range of demanding environments and applications. The dependability of the Type 225P makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial electronic applications, from power supplies and instrumentation to audio amplifiers and test equipment.

Orange Drop capacitors are available in Straight Lead, Hairpin Crimp and Hockey Stick Crimp and are made with film dielectric and metallized or foil electrodes, the capacitors are well known for their excellent performance in pulse DC and AC circuits. The Orange Drop line consists of roughly 20 series, each with its own unique design, to cover diverse AC and DC applications ranging from filter caps in switch mode power supplies to snubbers that protect IGBTs in high-power inverters.

The Type 225P Orange Drop Capacitors are wound from the most reliable polyester film and aluminum foil available and are protected by a rugged conformal coating of orange epoxy. They may be operated up to +125°C with proper derating.

The combination of proven dependability and extensive availability through New Yorker Electronics makes the 225P an ideal choice for many commercial and industrial electronic applications, from power supplies and instrumentation to audio amplifiers and test equipment.

The Key Benefits & Features of 225P Orange Drop Film Capacitors, include

  • Radial-Lead, Pressed Profile
  • Non-Inductively Wound with Extended Aluminum Foil
  • Extended Foil Construction
  • Over 35 Years of Proven Dependability

The major applications of the Cornell Dubilier Electronics 225P Orange Drop Film Capacitors are commercial & industrial electronic applications, in power supplies, instrumentation, audio amplifiers and in test equipment

New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor for Cornell Dubilier carrying the full line of the company’s’ Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, AC Oil Filled Capacitors, DC Oil Filled Capacitors, Film Capacitors, MICA Capacitors, Ultracapacitors, Surface Mount Capacitors, Aluminum Polymer Capacitors, Supercapacitors, plus Capacitor Hardware and Capacitor Kits.

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