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New Yorker Electronics Releases Vishay Planar Choke Inductors

The highly customizable Vishay Sfernice IPLA 32 targets automotive and embedded high current, high power density DC/DC converters.

New YorkerNew Yorker Electronics is distributing the new Vishay Sfernice IPLA 32 High-Current Shielded Planar Choke Inductor. This new device offers the same performance as wirewound devices in a fraction of the space. It measures just 31mm by 43mm by 22.2mm but is rated for currents up to 110A, allowing high power density DC/DC converters to occupy a significantly smaller footprint.

With a recommended frequency range of 100kHz to 800kHz, the IPLA 32 enables more compact and lightweight DC/DC circuitry in electric and hybrid cars, off-road vehicles including forklifts, and all manner of embedded systems.

The IPLA 32 is available with standard inductance values of 1μH, 2μH, 3μH, and 4μH. Magnetically shielded for low EMI, the inductor features a high self-resonance frequency and very stable performance versus temperature.

In addition to the standard versions, the IPLA 32 can be offered with various pin-out designs, current ratings, and inductance values. The device features an operating temperature range of ‑55°C to +125°C and typical thermal resistance from 2W/°C to 10.5W/°C depending on the type of heatsink used. 3D models are available to assist the design-in process.

The Key Features & Benefits of Vishay Sfernice IPLA 32 include:
• For high power density DC/DC converter application
• High current capabilities
• Very stable performances versus temperature
• Very compact design (low profile and weight)
• Low EMI, magnetically shielded
• High self-resonance frequency
• Recommended frequency range (100 kHz; 800 kHz)
• Operating temperature range: -55°C; 125°C with heatsink dissipation
• Flexible pin-out design (tapped output terminals, layout, …)
• Material temperature grade: 180°C
• Custom design on request
• Single-channel and dual-channel relays

The Major Applications of the new Vishay Inductor include: 
• Alarm and telecom switches
• Switch mode power supply
• DC/DC circuitry in electric and hybrid cars, off-road vehicles including forklifts, and all manner of embedded systems

For Data Sheet: Vishay Sfernice ILPA32 Choke Inductor Series


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