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New Yorker Electronics Stocks Vishay’s New Vitramon series

New Yorker Electronics has recently stocked the new Vishay Vitramon series of surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) with a lead (Pb)-bearing termination finish suitable for aerospace applications requiring tin whisker mitigation.

VishayPrior to this release, the option for lead (Pb)-bearing termination finishes was reserved for more expensive Hi-Rel devices. The VJ-32 Lead-Bearing Finish Series, available in 16V – 630V, provides designers with a cost-effective alternative for aerospace systems in which tin whiskers must be avoided but space-level reliability isn’t required.

Qualified according to AEC-Q200 to provide designers with Automotive Grade reliability, the new Vishay MLCC is used for power conditioning, signal coupling and decoupling, electronic noise filtering and remote sensing in such things as low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and other space, military, aerospace and avionics applications requiring tin whisker.

The device is available in CGO (NPO) and X7R Dielectric options. The COG (NPO) offers a capacitance range of 1pF to 15nF and a voltage range of 25VDC to 630VDC. Its dissipation factor is 0.1% maximum at 1.0 VRMS and 1 MHz for values greater than or equal to 1000pF and an aging rate of 0% maximum per decade. It has a temperature coefficient of capacitance (TCC) of 0ppm/°C ± 30ppm/°C from -55°C to +125°C. The X7R Dielectric has a capacitance range of 120pF to 1μF, and a voltage range of 16VDC to 630VDC. Its dissipation factor at 16V at 25V ratings is 3.5% maximum at 1.0 VRMS and 1kHz and greater than 25V ratings are 2.5% maximum at 1.0VRMS and 1kHz.


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