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New Yorker Electronics Unveils New Vishay Wet Tantalum Capacitor

New Yorker Electronics has unveiled extended Wet Tantalum Capacitors recently optimized by Vishay Sprague Capacitors. These already existing products were boosted by Vishay for Industrial, AMS and Refinery applications – as indicated by the extended ratings.

New Yorker ElectronicsVishay increased the capabilities of the following Wet Tantalum Hermetically Sealed Capacitor series:

134D Series: Vishay’s 134D wet devices are HI-TMP capacitors with a glass-to-tantalum hermetic seal and a high capacitance. It now has a capacitance range from 240µF (at 125V) to 750µF (at 100V). These components are used in industrial, petroleum exploration and high temperature/high stress environment applications.

EP1 Series: The Vishay EP1 high energy wet capacitors have ultra-high capacitance with a hermetically sealed case. Now rating with a capacitance range from 2000µF (at 125V) to 22000µF (at 35V), these capacitors are designed for the industrial and AMS market applications and are ideal for capacitor banks.

T22 Series: The T22 wet capacitors from Vishay are SMD with a tantalum metal case and a glass-to-tantalum hermetic seal. Their ratings have been improved to 33µF at 75V. This series is designed for avionics and aerospace applications.

T34 Series: Vishay’s T34 wet capacitors are HI-TMP® with high capacitance and designed for petroleum applications, but with high performance for shock and vibration. The ratings have been improved to 47µF at 60V on this capacitor series.

As a franchise distributor for Vishay, New Yorker Electronics is always at the forefront with the latest Vishay product updates and releases. New Yorker Electronics supplies the full line of Vishay Semiconductors and Passive Components. As a franchise distributor for Vishay Sprague Capacitors specifically, New Yorker Electronics supplies some of the smallest tantalum capacitors on the market with the highest capacitance and voltage ratings. The high-energy HE3 wet tantalum capacitor covers the high side of the capacitance spectrum for wet tantalum capacitors, while other types of wet tantalum capacitors can be found in such extreme applications as military, avionics, space, and oil-drilling.

Vishay Sprague has the broadest range of tantalum capacitors offered by any manufacturer with devices that also include conformal coated and molded surface-mount styles, as well as both radial and axial through-hole products, covering a wide range of automotive, consumer, industrial and telecommunications as well as very high-performance applications.


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