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New Yorker Electronics Unveils Two New MIL 39006-Qualified Wet Tantalum Capacitors

New Yorker Electronics’ state-of-art hermetically sealed capacitors from Exxelia are preferred in avionics for high performance and extreme reliability

New Yorker Electronics

New Yorker Electronics launched two new ranges of wet tantalum capacitors qualified to MIL 39006/22 and MIL 39006/25 from Exxelia Tantalum.

Exxelia, a manufacturer of hi-rel passive components ideal to resist the harshest environments, has received the M-Level (1.0%/1000h) MIL-PRF-39006/22 and MIL-PRF-39006/25 qualifications approval for its new ranges of wet tantalum capacitors.

MIL 39006/22 and MIL 39006/25 respectively equivalent to CLR79 and CLR81 types feature hermetically sealed cylindrical tantalum cases and axial leads. Both ranges are available in all cases:  T1, T2 T3 and T4 with extended capacitance and voltage ratings.

“These new ranges introduction leverages our decades of experience in providing high-reliability capacitors for the Military market, and proves Exxelia’s ability to reach the most demanding specifications in terms of product development,” stated Exxelia Sales & Marketing VP, Jérôme Tabourel.

These state-of-art MIL-qualified wet tantalum capacitors are widely used in avionics applications where high performance and extreme reliability are required. Performance highlights compared to solid tantalum capacitors include more capacitance, higher ripple currents, lower ESR and lower dc-leakage current.

The Key Features & Benefits of MIL 39006/22 and MIL 39006/25 capacitors includes:

  • Qualified for voltages to 125V
    • Provides from 1200µF @ 6V to 56 µF @ 125V (MIL39006/22)
    • Provides from 2200µF @ 6V to 82 µF @ 125V (MIL39006/25)
    • High Energy Density
    • From -55°C up to 125°C
    • Available with H vibration and shocks features

The Key Applications includes

  • Avionics/Defense
    • Power Supply
    • Converter
    • Filtering
    • Backup

MIL39006/22 and MIL39006/25 can be availed from New Yorker Electronics. New Yorker Electronics is franchise distributor of Exxelia Tantalum, a part of the Exxelia Group, and supplies the full line of its diverse capacitors

More information at: Click here


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