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New Yorker Stocks Advanced Aluminum Casting Alloys

New Yorker Electronics has partnered with Amfas International and now provides high-tech Advanced Aluminum Casting Alloys.

new yorkerAmfas, an expert supplier of custom fabricated metal and molded plastic components, manufactures two types of aluminum casting alloys for New Yorker Electronics customers: HighSAL (for High Strength) and HighTAL (for High Thermal Conduction).

HighSAL is ideal for applications where tensile strength is a priority. This cast alloy has an Ultimate Tensile Strength which surpasses alloy 6061-T6. Its maximum UTS is 360 to 380 MPa with a Yield Tensile Strength (YTS) of 300 to 320 MPa and an elongation of greater than 1.5-percent and a Brinell hardness number between 130 and 150. The HighSAL cast alloy is widely used for mobile phones, tablet PCs, wearable devices and any other applications requiring high tensile strength.

The Amfas HighTAL castings are produced with an alloy that is best used where heat dissipation has an acute impact on the design. This high thermal conduction rating was only previously available in wrought materials, with the disadvantage that only extruded or stock material could reach such thermal transfer ratings. Even then, any customization required heavy machining to achieve customized shapes. HighTAL has a thermal conductivity rating of 130-140 W/m∙K before heat treatment, 180-190 W/m∙K after heat treatment. Its electrical conductivity is 21-23 m/K∙mm2 before the heat and 26-30 m/K∙mm2 after. Used primarily in LED heat sinking, amplifiers, high rated power supplies, communications equipment, computers and home appliances, it excels in any application where heat dissipation is critical.

HighSAL Features & Benefits:

  • UTS Rm 360-380 MPa
  • YTS Rp0.2 300-320 MPa
  • Elongation > 1.5%
  • Hardness 130-150

HighTAL Features & Benefits:

  • Thermal conductivity 130-140 W/m∙K / 180-190 W/m∙K
  • Electrical conductivity 21-23 m/K∙mm2 / 26-30 m/K∙mm2 (Before Heat Treat / After Heat Treat)

HighSAL Applications:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablet PCs
  • Wearable Devices

HighTAL Applications:

  • LED heatsinking
  • Amplifiers
  • High rated power supplies
  • Communications equipment
  • Computers
  • Home Appliances


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