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New Yorker Stocks United Chemi-Con’s Capacitors

New Yorker Electronics has released the United Chemi-Con’s newest SMD Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor. The UCC PMA Series in the molded plastic case ensures 5,000 hours of operation at 105°C guaranteed.

New-YorkerThe United Chemi-Con PMA Series is designed for applications where super low profile polymer capacitors are needed and is especially useful in high frequency filtering applications. They are recommended for low to mid-voltage primary/secondary side smoothing and hold up where ultra low-height profiles are required.

The PMA offers excellent rms-ripple capability and extremely low ESR. It also supplies super high thermal resistivity (15000hr tested with no ESR increase from initial). The PMA series is halogen free and offers the electronics designer the ability to meet low profile filtering applications with a high performance/reasonable cost 3.0mm maximum height in a uniform package.

The series has voltage ranges from 16 to 25V and capacitance ranges of 22 to 68uF. The ESR ranges from 40 to 50mOhm, a tolerance of ±20% and ripple currents of 2A @ 100kHz, 2.2A @ 100kHz and 2.1A @ 100kHz.


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