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NFC- A Next-Gen Technology Travel

IntroEverything we do has to be as swift and efficient as we want it to be, whether it is a simple trip from home to office or a transaction of funds to buy or sell something. Technology has provided us the means to reach this stage of a fast-moving world with its innovation and efficiency but is it enough to satisfy human’s desires to surpass and break records of time again and again?

As several technologies are getting launched one by one to catch up with this fast pace of modern-day living, smartphones have come up as one of the most successful innovations of this century. It has led us into the era of digital services like e-commerce, mobile payments, e-ticket booking, contactless payment services and many more.

Whether it is a simple task of sending an email or personal banking, we’re have started to rely heavily on using our mobile devices to help us manage our day-to-day lives. So, it’s no surprise that NFC Technology in mobiles is used for payments, i.e., paying for stuff via smartphone have started picking up steam.

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Aishwarya Saxena

A book geek, with creative mind, an electronics degree, and zealous for writing.Creativity is the one thing in her opinion which drove her to enter into editing field. Allured towards south Indian cuisine and culture, love to discover new cultures and their customs. Relishes in discovering new music genres.

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