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NI Declares Opening of New EIC in Bangalore

The EIC will also be used to train the next generation of engineers who need systems knowledge in the aerospace and defense industry.

NI has declared the launch of its Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC) in Bangalore.

NI EIC The engineering lab, which opened in late 2021, supports NI’s customers, partners and startup companies that serve the local aerospace and defense market.

“NI has been proud to play a vital role in ensuring our customers’ mission success while improving their reliability and efficiency in India over the last few decades,” said Luke Schreier, senior vice president and general manager of NI’s Aerospace, Government and Defense Business Unit. “As a fast-growing aerospace and defense technology hub, India is the ideal place for us to strengthen our investments, bring together the test and measurement ecosystem and support the initiatives of the local community through the EIC.”

“NI believes in nurturing innovation and building a network that can help engineers deliver technologically advanced solutions at a much faster pace,” said Shitendra Bhattacharya, head of sales at NI India. “The EIC is designed to help our customers, entrepreneurs and innovators in India cocreate for the nation and leverage the state-of-the-art applications that come out of this lab to serve the globe.”

The EIC will also be used to train the next generation of engineers who need systems knowledge in the aerospace and defense industry.

The EIC provides customers with access to the larger aerospace and defense industry that is evolving in India, specifically in and around Bangalore, thus creating a more cost- and time-effective planning process through engagement with NI test experts.

The opening of the new engineering lab provides an unparalleled opportunity for test engineers to build and experiment with prototypes while leveraging NI’s more than 30 years of expertise in this space. Customers can now see their systems in action and experience the projects they will be working on ahead of their investment.

NI is helping customers in the Bangalore area streamline their testing processes so they can get products to market safer, faster and more efficiently.

By defining test strategies through engagement with NI test experts, NI is enabling the local SME/MSME community to contribute more towards designing and developing modernized, future-ready systems.


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