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NI Becomes a Part of OpenRF Compliance Working Group

NI has decided to become a part of OpenRF Compliance Working Group and will lead the organization.

NIAs a leading developer of automated test and measurement systems that help engineers solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, NI will work with OpenRF to address the interoperability challenges facing the 5G ecosystem.

“We are pleased to welcome NI to OpenRF and lead our Compliance Working Group,” said Kevin Schoenrock, President of OpenRF. “NI’s global scale, strong brand and long history of system testing expertise will be an invaluable asset to the organization as we embark on developing a robust compliance program improving the cost, efficiency and time-to-market of OEM wireless devices.”

“With 5G introducing significant changes in how we interact with each other, it also introduces new ways of interacting with and testing 5G devices,” said Chen Chang, Strategic Business Development Director, NI. “As Compliance Working Group Chair, we are excited to work alongside other companies to continue addressing the evolving needs of the industry and advance OpenRF’s mission to accelerate 5G innovation and adoption.”

OpenRF members are working together to develop an open framework that standardizes hardware and software interfaces without limiting innovation while enabling 5G device OEMs to realize time-to-market, cost, performance, and supply chain benefits.

The OpenRF Working Group 5: Compliance was officially formed in January 2021 and will develop a program to support a robust ecosystem of interoperable RF front end and chipset platforms. The OpenRF Release 3: Compliance is targeted for completion in Q4 this year.


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