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Nikon Introduces AX and AX R Confocal Microscopes

Nikon Corporation has launched the next generation confocal microscope series, AX and AX R.

NikonThis new confocal series features a completely re-designed scan head with 8K x 8K resolution, ultra-high-speed resonant scanning, and the world’s largest 25 mm field of view.

Combined with a new user-friendly interface and advanced AI-based tools, the AX/AX R confocal series is designed to enable users to acquire data faster, with an unprecedented level of detail and ease.

As biological research continues to trend toward systems-level studies that range from molecules to whole cell populations, tissues, organoids, and even whole organisms, needs for microscopy have been similarly evolving.

There is an increasing need to acquire data that is higher-resolution, both spatially and temporally; for a larger range of specimens and with greater throughput.

Nikon’s 10th generation confocal microscope system, the AX/AX R, features improved pixel density, sensitivity, speed, and the world’s largest field of view to meet these needs.

A suite of AI-based tools assists users in acquisition, processing and analysis, while the streamlined user interface ensures ease of use. With its modular design, the AX/AX R confocal microscope system easily accommodates multi-modal experiments as well as future expansion to meet evolving research directions.


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