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Nikon Unveils Golfer’s Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT 50i

Nikon Vision has recently launched the COOLSHOT 50i Laser Rangefinder for golfers.

Nikon This is a new, medium-class Laser Rangefinder that incorporates many versatile functions.

The COOLSHOT 50i Laser Rangefinder features a novel, sporty exterior design among existing COOLSHOT series Laser Rangefinders, and incorporates many functions required by golfers.

A magnet is built into the side of the body for convenient portability. Also, a red internal OLED display enables easier viewing in any situation.

Dual LOCKED ON QUAKE Technology, which is a further evolved conventional LOCKED ON Technology, is employed. It is a new function that informs you that the distance to the flagstick has been measured, providing clear notification with visual and tactile confirmation.

When measuring overlapping subjects, the distance to the closest subject is displayed with a red LOCKED ON sign in the viewfinder and a simultaneous brief vibration. For example, on a golf course, clear visual and tactile confirmation informs you that the distance to the flagstick has been measured even with trees in the background.

The COOLSHOT 50i employs two measurement display modes: a golf mode (slope adjusted distance and actual distance) and an actual distance mode. Switching modes is simple, with a single press of a button.

When using actual distance mode, the LED of the Actual Distance Indicator sign blinks in green to inform observers of non-use of the Incline/Decline measurement function.

Conveniently, one can use this product for practice with the golf mode and official golf competitions using the actual distance mode.


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