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NitroDesk unveils Cockpit


BELLEVUE, USA: NitroDesk Inc., the architects of the world’s principal third-party Exchange ActiveSync client meant for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows announces their Mobile Productivity Management (MPM) solution, entitled “Cockpit” for TouchDown.

Voluminous Enterprise and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are ruling that they do not need the granular management competencies of customary MDM solutions, for instance geo-fencing, root detection or the ability to disable a device’s camera. In many cases, MDMs are much more than what is looked-for when the company only needs to bring about the corporate data container, which embraces the PIM client, as well as a document editor. Being able to confirm data security from end to end, counting document editing, has turned out to be critical in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment. Having the document editor and management capabilities in one integrated lightweight, controllable environs are certainly a big gain for corporate IT shops.

Cockpit permits simple, efficient management of the TouchDown corporate data container and empowers an administrator to effectually manage the container and apply policies to the user’s device shorn of impacting the user’s personal data. Corporate BYOD policies typically necessitate separation of the corporate data from the user’s personal information. Cockpit countenances IT administrators to confirm that data security is kept by way of policy management using least possible effort at the offing, while guaranteeing that the user’s personal experience is not wedged.

“MDM solutions have made great strides in legitimizing the BYOD movement, and in many cases they are still the right choice when their specific features are needed. However, when effortless and lightweight management of only the corporate data container and productivity suite is all that’s needed, Cockpit for TouchDown is the right choice,” on the word of Ron Goins, Chief Operating Officer of NitroDesk Inc.


Exchange ActiveSync policies afford security enforcement at a high level to most mobile devices that connect to the server. Conversely, these policies are very nonspecific and are not always custom-made to cup tie the nuances of a number of mobile platforms that connect to it. Cases in point of this takes account of the ability on Android clients to display widgets, speak out emails, show notifications and the commonly available capability to copy and paste information between applications. Despite the fact usability is improved with such additional functionality on the novel emerging platforms, it comes with a double – edged jeopardy of augmented threat surface from a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) point of view.


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