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Nokia, Juniper Networks pool resources to advance Telco cloud


Nokia and Juniper Networks today declared an expansion of their long-standing partnership to advance telco cloud aimed at mobile broadband. The latest collaboration brings together Nokia’s primary Liquid Core solution, together with network function virtualization (NFV) as well as telco cloud management and orchestration, plus the Juniper Networks MetaFabricdata center architecture, including Contrail — Juniper’s network virtualization in addition to cloud network automation solution based on software-defined networking (SDN).


In the wake of mobile operators facing pressure to bring novel services to market at rapid rates, extending proven cloud network virtualization as well as automation capabilities to their carrier-grade networking domain will ensure true competitive advantage. Nokia and Juniper’s bundled solution, delivered through carrier-grade services, will make available to operators with an open ecosystem telco cloud solution, founded on OpenStack, offering automated application deployment, software defined application connectivity plus network management. The solution from its part will also empower application as well as networking elastic scalability braced with a clear migration path aimed at operators en route for leveraging their standing assets built as per today’s core architectures.

“In the same way that cloud computing transformed the IT industry, telco cloud dynamics are radically changing how mobile operators plan to deploy, operate and manage their networks through virtualization and software defined networking,” alleged Peter Jarich, vice president, Current Analysis. Supplementing that – “Nokia and Juniper’s expanded partnership fits well into this evolution, strengthening the telco cloud ecosystem in the process.”

The telco cloud solution from Nokia and Juniper Networks, available later this year, will take account of the following, viz:

Nokia from its quarter will afford its Liquid Core application suites with the existing multi-platform software, which reutilizes all the investments previously done in localized/customized software functionalities. Liquid Core is implemented as virtualized network functions (e.g., virtualized Mobile Management Entity (MME), virtualized IMS, virtualized Home Subscriber Server (HSS)). Liquid Core also embraces Nokia’s cloud-ready NetAct network management solution and Cloud Application Manager, which brings the required orchestration functions to build end-to-end services like voice over LTE (VoLTE) or evolved packet core (EPC) in the cloud.

The Juniper Networks MetaFabric architecture and Contrail SDN/NFV controller will facilitate operators to be able to create a High-IQ mobile edge that is secure, automated as well as scalable to support the rapid creation of new services based on actionable intelligence. MetaFabric together with Contrail will empower an open and cost effective cloud infrastructure solution that readily integrates with Juniper’s portfolio of high-performance networking platforms.

In addition to the technology components, Nokia is correspondingly providing its end-to-end services to aid operators implement their own telco clouds and migrate existing telco services to cloud-based networks. This broad portfolio of services, some of which will tap into Juniper’s expertise, will empower operators to reduce time to value and address the complete lifecycle from assessment, design, implementation as well as operational support.

Nokia makes available a fully integrated telco cloud solution comprised of Nokia’s Liquid Core virtualized network functions and management suite and Juniper’s OpenStack-based data center en route for mobile operators. It is to be noted that – the combined Nokia-Juniper solution is in line with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute Network Functions Virtualization (ETSI NFV) end-to-end reference architecture.

“Nokia is a pioneer in telco cloud mobile networking solutions, establishing an unmatched track record in telco cloud innovation,” held Rajeev Suri, president and CEO of Nokia. Furthering that – “By collaborating with Juniper, we are taking the next step together, enabling operators to take full advantage of the cloud with a clear path towards the robustness and scale of interconnected datacenters.”


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