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NOR Flash: Fastest Growing Data Storage Market

introIn this fast-paced world of modern technology, people have become so accustomed to a fast real-time response from their respective phones, Internet speed, and every other element of this new digital life that they expect them as quickly as one can act in the analog world. And if by any slightest of chance, the response gets a bit late or slower in comparison to one’s expectation, it is automatically assumed that the device might have broken.

To satisfy people’s expectations, technology industry has always been upfront working and researching on new technologies that can increase the pace of functioning of any device. This has led to the introduction of NOR Flash technology that has changed the outlook of microcontrollers (MCUs) massively with their unique features and small size.

But before discussing the reach of NOR Flash technology further, let’s take a quick look at some basic information about this technology.

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