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Novasom Industries & New Yorker Electronics, Allies to Offer Single Board Computer (SBC) Solutions

The new collaboration between New Yorker Electronics and Novasom Industries to provide high-tech solutions for Automotive, Railway, Military, Medical and Power Electronics Industrial Sectors.

NovasomNew Yorker Electronics has teamed up with Novasom Industries to sponsor a global network for supplying Single Board Computer (SBC) products. Novasom Industries products consist of a complete family of boards and HW/SW systems, developed after more than 10 years of engineering experience from a team of over 40 engineers to develop customer solutions.

Novasom Industries is a global engineering company that manufactures advanced technology solutions for products and processes in the fields of embedded electronics. The company’s highlights are in the design and production of Industrial Single Board Computer Lines, Embedded Systems and accessories in the automotive, railway, military, medical and power electronics industrial sectors.

New Yorker Electronics customers will now have a trusted source for SBC solutions. According to New Yorker Electronics’ President, Barry Slivka, “This relationship is beneficial for customers because it means rather than putting resources into the R&D of these solutions – with uncertain timetables – customers can have a single board modified to exact specifications by Novasom Industries’ top engineers. In many cases, the solution already exists and can be as easy as plug and play remedy.”

Novasom products are designed in-house from start to finish. The company’s designs resolve specific problems across the board, such as how to manage a display or use low-level peripherals, things that might seem simple but that can hide a multitude of unexpected pitfalls.

As a franchise distributor, New Yorker Electronics will supply the full line of Novasom Industries’ ARM-based Single Board Computers, Intel-based Single Board Computers, NovaPC Embedded Systems and custom and tailor-made products. Further, New Yorker Electronics will also be supplying the full line of Novasom Industries Development Kits and the Novaembed software development tool.

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