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Novell proliferates investment in ZENworks portfolio


BANGALORE, INDIA: Novell today stated that it has come into a contract with SECUDE International AG to procure a perpetual license to the source code, development environment and all training and sales materials intended for ZENworks Full Disk Encryption.

Through this acquisition, Novell is escalating its investment in a unified and effective endpoint management and protection solution.

This acquirement also comes with development investments to proliferate Novell’s aptitude to rejoin and act in response to the requirements and prerequisites of prevailing and forthcoming customers.

This supplementary resource investment also upsurges Novell’s ZENworks general development capability, further establish in office the company as a source of comprehensive end-to-end security and management solutions meant for enterprises.


“We are pleased to offer our customers the added benefits that this acquisition provides,” reportedly said, Eric Varness, vice president of product management and marketing for Novell. Rhetoricising further that- “By taking on complete ownership of this solution, Novell is committed to advancing the ZENworks portfolio and we are excited for what is to come as we continue to evolve and expand our offerings.”

“As a result of this agreement, the value our companies provide to customers in a time of increased need for security will only be strengthened,” held Michael Kummer, president of SECUDE Americas. Advancing further that – “The acquisition of SECUDE’s Finally Secure Enterprise encryption source code enables Novell to further advance ZENworks portfolio, offering their customers enhanced protection. For SECUDE, it creates a new path to innovation in the area of emerging security technologies that work inside the enterprise, in the cloud, and across mobile platforms.”



Jawed Akhtar

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