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Now Digi-Key will provide RayVio UV LED Technology Globally

RayVio UV LEDs deliver 1-70 mW of power and unprecedented quality and reliability

RayvioRayVio’s portfolio of UVB and UVCLEDs are now available globally through Digi-Key Electronics.

This exciting and emerging technology within the UV lighting industry is being harnessed to both protect people from infection and treat certain skin conditions.

“Partnering with Digi-Key is an important step forward for those companies that are combating the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses through communities,” said Dr. Robert C. Walker, CEO of RayVio. “Easy access to the latest UV LED technology will allow products like humidifiers, water bottles and pitchers, toothbrushes and more to incorporate disinfection capabilities and promote better health and hygiene.”

RayVio UV LEDs deliver 1-70 mW of power and unprecedented quality and reliability. They are ideal for health, hygiene, water and surface disinfection, skin care/phototherapy, and horticulture applications, among many others.

“We are excited to partner with RayVio as they are our first lighting supplier to focus solely on UVB and UVC LEDs and their applications,” said David Stein, VP, Global Semiconductor at Digi-Key. “It’s an emerging market with unlimited applications within the health and hygiene industries, and we believe our customers will be able to use these products to create and bring innovative and beneficial projects into the consumer space.”

For further info: Digi-Key website.

To learn more about UVB and UVC and how they can be used to benefit human health, check out Digi-Key’s article “Ultraviolet Radiation – Its Attributes and Benefits featuring RayVio products.



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