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NSITEXE selects UltraSoC for automotive development

UltraSoC has recently announced that its embedded analytics technologies have been selected by Japanese company NSITEXE.

The collaboration between UltraSoC and NSITEXE has been done to monitor performance and improve quality and reliability, particularly in future autonomous vehicle designs.

UltraSOCHideki Sugimoto, CTO, NSITEXE commented, “To extract more useful information from sensors, processor performance requirements are continuously increasing in a variety of industries. We need to meet these real demands with our and other processors.”

He also said, “The insights, monitoring and reporting enabled by UltraSoC’s development and debug products will be a powerful tool in driving and accelerating innovations such as connected autonomous vehicles and in the area of electrification.”

NSITEXE was established in 2017 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of DENSO with significant development in four key areas of advanced automotive technologies: connected cars; automated drive; shared mobility; and electrification.

UltraSoC’s embedded analytics works by placing hardware monitors into the circuitry of a system-on-chip (SoC). These function independently of the main system to monitor events in real-time, under real working conditions.

UltraSoC analytics modules interpret the resulting data and give engineering teams actionable system-level insights that can be used to identify design problems, assist with the integration of hardware and software, improve overall system performance in light of real-world operating conditions, and add hardware-based safety and cybersecurity functions.

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