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NTT Communications Conference

On April 15th, 2015, NTT Communications held a press conference in the Westin Hotel New Delhi, to discuss their India Business strategy and ICT developments in the country. The first speaker at the conference was Mr. Masakazu Kobayashi, Managing Director of NTT Communications India. On the list of announcements was the commencement of operations in its newly launched sales and engineering center in Ahmedabad. Mr. Kobayashi cited ‘greater infrastructure, and water supply’ as the reasons for selection of the venue.

NTT Communications Conference

In addition, NTT will also unveil an enormous data center in Mumbai. The center will span a staggering 3 lakh square foot area with over 3000 storage racks, making it one of the largest data centers in the world. The data center will be the result of a 100 million dollar infusion from parent company NTT. Mt Kobayashi also announced that NTT will be acquiring Europe-based data center solutions provider ‘e-center’, in order to extend its reach into the European Market. Over on the telecommunications sector, the company plans to acquire a Unified Telecommunications License in India.

Mr. Sharat Sanghi, Managing Director and CEO of Netmagic Solutions, an NTT Communications Company, complemented Mr. Kobayashi by announcing that the merger with NTT close to three years ago is now fructifying. He said that one of the core reasons why NTT had invested in Netmagic was due to the company’s core engineering skill in cloud. Leveraging on these skills, the groundwork in integrating with NTT’s existing software defined solutions is now yielding results, he said. An exemplification of these results is the consistent annual growth rate of 35% that the company has achieved. Mr. Sanghi also hinted that NTT might be involved with the Indian Government’s Smart City Initiative. The organization will leverage on its involvement with similar smart city automation projects in Japan to deliver, he said.

Adding to the Mumbai data center announcement, Mr. Sanghi said that power, connectivity and proximity to corporate headquarters were criteria used to select Mumbai as their leading data center hub. However, he also added that future expansion of other centers at Chennai, Bangalore, and Noida, were all possible. When asked about the SME segment, Mr. Sharat said that it was a sector that NTT and Netmagic were keen to tap both directly through sponsored startup events, and through their partners, such as Polaris.

On a positive closing note in the Q&A session, Mr. Sanghi reaffirmed that NTT and Netmagic were in full support of net neutrality. Within its own business, NTT has always supported carrier neutrality. Mr Sanghi looked optimistically to the future saying that he doubts net neutrality would ever go away, and even if it did, the organization would retain it in any capacity they could.


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