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Nuvoton Introduces NuMicro M2351SF

Nuvoton Technology Corporation has introduced a new NuMicro M2351SF chip based on M2351 IoT security MCUs and Winbond TrustME W77F Secure Flash.

EquipmentThe M2351 Series, the first Arm Cortex, -M23 based MCU that has been both PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Functional API Certified. The M2351SF is better enhanced for its secure storage inside by stacking the Winbond W77F Secure Flash solution.

Trust is essential for the in-developing trillion connected devices, and secure storage is one of the significant required security features. The M2351SF provides an enhanced security level of much bigger secure storage for code and data for different applications. Cybersecurity is depending on mutual authentication through the end-to-end sides with IoT cloud services.

To achieve the security goal, it needs a range of robust solutions including trusted boot, various keys, credentials, certificates, secure over-the-air updates for firmware and software. With the use of Winbond’s Secure Flash solution, M2351SF can well protect code and data of a microcontroller from reducing vulnerability exposures.

The Secure Flash is indeed encrypted storage for valuable assets of applications, such as biometric data, certificate authority (CA) data, system log, etc. Furthermore, the M2351SF uses a unique binding approach in between the MCU and Secure Flash together with internal connecting by encrypted SPI bus interface to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability for digital assets of a microcontroller.

The MCU system developers can easily design applications for security assurance demanding markets like Secure Industries, Smart Home, Smart City, and Smart Things as well as any other potential embedded devices.

In addition to the enhanced security of MCU storage, the M2351SF remains to keep all the security features with the M2351 Series, covering Armv8-M TrustZone, Execute Only Memory (XOM), Cryptographic Hardware Accelerators, Secure Debug, system-level tamper detection pins, and all software tools for application development are same with M2351 Series.

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