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NXP Announces its UWB Solution for DOCOMO and Sony

NXP Semiconductors has recently announced that its Ultra-Wideband (UWB) solution will be leveraged for a live mobile payment demonstration by NTT DOCOMO and Sony Imaging Products and Solutions.

NXPWith the recent announcement of NXP’s chipset for mobile devices, NXP continues to tie out support from ecosystem leaders across mobile, IoT and automotive makers to cultivate the UWB ecosystem and harness the precise real-time localization capabilities augmented by NXP’s unique, secure UWB portfolio.

The smart retail demonstration orchestrated by DOCOMO and Sony shows intuitive, effortless connectivity experiences using UWB technology and the possibility of its impact and benefit to FeliCa-based services which spans transportation, in-store payments, building access and more.

“Our demonstration showcases mobile payment, advertisement and smart key applications to present a framework that helps developers, manufacturers and service providers better serve people,” said Takeshi Higuchi, General Manager of Communication Device Development Department at DOCOMO. “We’re excited to collaborate with NXP and Sony to explore more convenient and valuable consumer experiences.”

“NXP has always shared the same vision with us to provide global tourists and mobile phone owners in Japan an integrated, rapid, secure and contactless experience for payment, ticketing, and other popular use cases,” said Toyoaki Kobayashi, Deputy Senior General Manager, FeliCa Business Division at Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. “The demonstrated use cases utilizing fine-ranging capabilities can deliver further benefits derived from FeliCa-based services.”

“DOCOMO and Sony have long demonstrated their innovative leadership in bringing new forms of payment and value-added services to people,” said Charles Dachs, vice president and general manager of Secure Embedded Transactions at NXP. “We’re excited to work with these leaders to demonstrate sophisticated UWB-based use cases that will blend seamlessly into people’s lives.”

The smart retail demonstration tracks user movement and positioning to showcase the versatile benefits of UWB’s 360 degree positioning, location accuracy of a few centimeters, and spatial context awareness that can be purpose-built for personalized advertising and marketing.

Additionally it showcases UWB’s complementary and ubiquitous capability to enhance and interoperate with existing wireless technologies on the narrowband spectrum including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communications (NFC). Embedded with end-to-end secure hardware and software for payment, authentication and identification, the UWB-based showcase includes secure, convenient, hands-free check-out for in-store purchase and drive-through payment experiences.

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