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NXP Announces Secure Ultra-Wide Band Ranging Technology

NXP Semiconductors recently announced the development of UWB technology designed for a broad range of markets, including mobile, automotive, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and industrial markets announced at its annual developer conference in the Silicon Valley.

NXP Ultra-Wide Band

The latest solution from NXP brings secure ranging and precision sensing creating a new dimension of spatial context for wireless devices.

This strategic announcement has set the stage for UWB-enabled use cases likely to emerge in the market as soon as 2020, the company said.

“The technology not only understands motion and relative positioning outdoors and indoors, but its real-time robust accuracy can change the way we drive efficiency in factories, play interactive games or use AR/AI applications on our phones. We’re excited to share news of our latest developments in this space to bring us into a new era of intuitive on-demand applications,” said Kurt Sievers, President at NXP.

This new generation of UWB is a major evolutionary step from the existing short-range wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Its ability to process contextual information such as the position of the UWB anchor, its movements and distance to other devices with an unprecedented precision of a few centimeters enables decision making and management of these devices to take place with high granularity.

NXP UWB provides access to accurate localization capabilities. Doors and points of entry will open once approaching them. Lights, audio speakers and any other connected devices with sensors will be able to follow consumers from one room to another, and smart connected technology will blend in more intuitively in people’s lives.

The Key Benefits of NXP UWB Technology Include:

  • UWB higher bandwidth channel provides greater instantaneous precision than existing wireless technologies in challenging environments, leading to an accuracy of a few centimeters.
  • UWB enables latency-sensitive applications, such as access, gaming, and AR, by an efficient Time-of-Flight calculation.
  • UWB adds a new level of security to car key fobs. It prevents relay attacks by distinguishing the authentic signal from the relayed/spoofed signal

The offering builds on NXP’s emerging connectivity portfolio with a leading position in NFC and adds on the recent highlights in 5G RF Power and the intend of acquisition of Marvell’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth assets

NXP is sampling solutions to its early access partners and will be demonstrating UWB capabilities at NXP Connects.

Further information: Click Here.


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