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NXP Concluded its 6th Flagship Tech Summit

NXP India has recently organised their sixth flagship tech summit event ‘Connectivity Week’, where a panel discussion on ‘Power of Connectivity Technologies’ for NextGen product design was held.

NXPNXP India Tech Summit is a thought provoking knowledge sharing platform that includes visionary keynote and panel discussion on a chosen theme of wider technical interest.

The panel discussion saw a wide participation from some of the key voices of the tech industry, who expressed their thoughts about how various connectivity technologies holds the potential to bring in a major wave of transformation across sectors.

Broadly, the panel discussion was centred around various connectivity technologies from wired to wireless including NFC, UWB, BLE, WiFi , 5G and DSRC ( IEEE802.11p). There was good debate on various use cases of these technologies like  5G use cases, some of the key challenges for 5G adoption and the steps necessary to ensure that 5G reaches the common masses of the country.

Sanjay Gupta, Vice President and India Country Manager, NXP Semiconductors said “The comparable IQ of chips based on number of transistors when compared to human brain would be greater than 1000 vs 100 IQ of average humans. We are entering into a very smart world with more than 75 billion connected devices and the challenge at hand is to make sure that the connectivity among them takes place smartly, smoothly and securely.’’

“This year’s theme on ‘connectivity’ was chosen to mark the importance of various connectivity technologies for a smart and secure world. The event is a testimony to NXP’s focus on knowledge sharing. It provides a great platform for showcasing niche technological developments, mutual learnings and exploring avenues for nurturing innovation across our stakeholders”, he further added.

The 4-Day mega tech event comprised of interesting Industry Keynotes, Technical Tutorial and Tech Talks, Tech Symposium and Paper presentations with the fellow engineers apart from the Industry Tech Summit. A keynote session by Prof. M. Balakrishnan from IIT Delhi on ‘Assistive Technology Solutions for Mobility & Education of Visually Impaired’ emphasized on the role, technology can play for the betterment of the of the marginalized section of our society.

Further, NXP team had setup more than 25 live demos on Secure Connectivity Applications based on NXP Chipsets & Systems. The demos were arranged in increasing circle of influence of NXP’s technologies for a Smart Secure Connected World of Devices. Starting with Automotive Ethernet (Connectivity on the Wire for your Car); followed by Mobile NFC (Touch & Tap for access, payment, anti-tamper etc. to transforming into an embedded-SIM); next to it the cool new Ultra-Wide Band Secure Ranging and the latest additions to NXP stable, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth (Secure Positioning & Connectivity Around You) and finally going ‘Beyond’ to Vehicle2X Communication, RADAR for Autonomous Driving & 5G.

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