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NXP, MOTER Launch Secure Data Exchange Platform

NXP Semiconductors and MOTER Technologies have launched a secure data exchange platform that links deep data from connected vehicles to the insurance industry to power data science solutions for risk assessment, cost modeling, and more.

NXPThe platform combines NXP’s S32G2 vehicle network processors, offering a new type of vehicle edge computing with the ability to access vehicle-wide data, with MOTER data analytics software to help fully monetize vehicle data for new and improved automotive insurance services.

“Usage-based insurance is one of the data commercialization opportunities with the most customer satisfaction and revenue potential for the automotive industry today,” said Michael Fischer, Chief Digital Officer of MOTER. “Together with NXP, MOTER is providing the data bridge that will enable the automotive industry to unlock the riches of data for mobility insurance, fleet health and monitoring and infrastructure planning and optimization.”

“Vehicle data will power new automotive business opportunities soon, similar to the apps proliferation and big data insights provided by the smartphone over the past decade,” said Brian Carlson, Global Marketing Director for Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions at NXP. “The S32G2 processors offer a unique combination of safe processing, networking, and security technologies needed to make them a reality. Our collaboration with MOTER demonstrates NXP’s solution-based approach that extends beyond silicon to provide a foundation for new automotive industry innovations and valued services.”

NXP and MOTER have integrated their offerings into a platform that targets the needs of the automotive and insurance industries. The MOTER platform offers advanced risk algorithms that can be updated over the air and combined with an insurance carrier’s or mobility company’s custom insurance algorithms to create marketable driver insights.

The MOTER platform can be licensed for use with OEM vehicles to facilitate data exchange with insurers and mobility companies who are willing to subscribe and pay for driver insights to enable new vehicle data-driven products, including, but not limited to, usage-based insurance.

NXP’s GoldBox reference design, based on one of the recently launched S32G2 vehicle network processors, is a key enabler for new vehicle data-driven opportunities such as advanced insurance, vehicle health and fleet management services.


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