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NxtGen beats Amazon & Rackspace in price performance metric for cloud servers

NxtGen datacenter

NxtGen, a leader in datacenter and cloud-based services, has outperformed Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace in the price-performance metric for cloud servers, according to an independent benchmarking report by Cloud Spectator. Cloud Spectator’s reports cover a range of IaaS market information focused on pricing and performance data collected from the CloudSpecs system.

From March 17, 2015 to March 21, 2015, Cloud Spectator tested virtual machines (VM) from Amazon, NxtGen, and Rackspace. After 5-day testing in March, Cloud Spectator found that NxtGen delivers over 4 times more value to its customers compared to the global players like AWS and Rackspace.

According to the Cloud Spectator report, NxtGen Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) has revealed strong price-performance metric, providing the most value across all five use cases examined in the study.

  1. Static Web Server Results
  2. Read/Write Web Server Results
  3. High-Traffic Web Server
  4. Databases
  5. Clustered Databases

For this test, Cloud Spectator has evaluated performance by benchmarking the VM using industry accepted tools: Geekbench 3, FIO and Iperf tests. These respective benchmarks measured vCPU & memory, block storage, and internal network that impact application performance and end-user experience.

A S Rajgopal, MD and CEO, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd elaborated, “We all at NxtGen, are excited to achieve this industry-first milestone, where NxtGen has surpassed AWS and Rackspace cloud servers in price performance. It has been our constant endeavour to strive for best-in-class performance and the Cloud Spectator report results are a testimony to our focus on fulfilling the customer need for low cost of ownership and high quality of service. Enterprise customers are keen to save cost at the infrastructure layer to make more investment of applications”.

“Cloud adoption is seeing an increasing uptake from Indian enterprises. With a wide repertoire of service providers to choose from, enterprises are often puzzled while making their purchase decisions. An effective purchase assessment would entail comparison of not just price points or features alone. Instead, organizations should quantitatively assess performance and its relationship with price and related features for smart procurement decisions that optimize the relationship between cost of ownership and quality of service”, he further added.

Commenting on the study, Kenny Li, CEO, Cloud Spectator said, “Vendor assessment of cloud providers is challenging for organizations because enterprises struggle to understand the real cost of ownership due to the difficulty in normalizing performance across providers. This report shows the findings of our recent study where we provide a standardized comparison and illustrate potential advantages on NxtGen’s offerings and those of the other providers in the study.”

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