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NYI joins the Independent Data Center Alliance

NYI  has announced its tied up with Independent Data Center Alliance (IND-DCA), an industry-led group of single-digit data center operators.

By joining the alliance, NYI will leverage its core competency in delivering a comprehensive set of high-touch hybrid IT and edge solutions across cloud, colocation and bare metal to meet growing global demand for next-generation connectivity.

NYIEven as the number of data centers in the U.S. reaches the multi-millions, the majority of these facilities are currently owned and operated by large entities or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

At the same time, businesses across numerous verticals are increasingly focusing on digital capabilities and are seeking operators and service providers that deliver flexibility, resiliency, reliability and redundancy.

To showcase the assets and capabilities of smaller data center operators in the industry, the IND-DCA brings together global data center operators, promoting the collective’s combined services and showcasing their global reach, proximity and accessibility to data center customers.

By becoming a member of the IND-DCA, NYI aligns its capabilities and market presence to more effectively provide and promote its flexible integrated hybrid IT solutions and strategic partnerships in key markets across the U.S.

Having just acquired a new facility in Chicago, the company’s expanded footprint will offer both new and existing clients additional options for disaster recovery and business continuity while providing international clients access to its substantial footprint in New York City and low-latency access to the Chicago market.

“NYI is a leader in providing custom colocation, cloud, bare metal and disaster recovery solutions to customers, along with critical professional and managed services,” said Phil Koblence, COO, NYI. “ By joining the Independent Data Center Alliance, we’re gaining access to highly beneficial joint go-to-market initiatives that give us a leg up in the highly competitive IT and data center sphere. We’re excited to be joining this consortium of leading entities and adding our services and capabilities to the growing roster.”

“We’re thrilled to be welcoming NYI, a company offering deep expertise, integrity and world-class service, to the alliance,” comments Ilissa Miller, founder of the Independent Data Center Alliance. “We are dedicated to empowering our members, enabling them to leverage greater opportunities to reach new buyers, establish greater brand recognition and more. NYI is sure to add to the combined strength of our greater alliance.”

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