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Omega Simulation Launches New Version of OmegaLand

Omega Simulation has introduced OmegaLand V3.5, an integrated environment for dynamic simulation that plays a core role in the use of plant operation training simulators and digital twins.

Omega SimulationThis new version of OmegaLand includes entirely new features as well as enhancements to existing functions.

As awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) grows, there is a rising demand for solutions that will optimize energy use, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve profitability.

The need to transfer the techniques and technical skills of highly experienced operators to younger personnel is a global concern, and this is particularly acute with highly difficult tasks that can result in significant financial losses of millions or tens of millions of dollars, such as plant startup and shutdown, and responding to issues and emergencies.

In addition to conventional operator training systems, interest is growing in the use of digital twins as a means to resolve plant issues, by recreating a physical plant in a digital space and linking an actual plant to this digital plant in real-time.

In this digital space, a digital twin can visualize a range of phenomena. This makes it possible to confirm data on process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and composition that previously may have been inaccessible, and this can help to stabilize and streamline plant operations.

To ensure that a digital twin is making a full contribution in this capacity, the simulation must precisely reproduce the actual situation. In addition to such requirements, such solutions need to have user interfaces that support multiple languages and provide training environments that are easy to use and give multiple individuals simultaneous access to the same simulation.


  • Process learning and plant operation training simulators for operators and engineers
  • Support for plant operations by enhancing plant visualization with a digital twin
  • Process verification and analysis, instrumentation system verification and review


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