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OMRON Introduces High Power PCB Relay G9KA

OMRON has globally released its High-Power PCB Relay – G9KA.

OMRONThis product improves the power generation efficiency of PV generation systems by minimizing energy loss caused by the heat generated by power conditioners, power supply equipment, and related equipment used in solar power generation systems.

The industry-leading ultra-low contact resistance of 0.2mW suppresses the heat generated by the relay and improves the power generation efficiency of solar power generation systems, thereby accelerating renewable energy deployment and contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society.

One of the factors that can cause the equipment to generate heat is the relays mounted on the PC board inside the equipment.

Relays are components used for executing ON/OFF control of the electric current flowing through the equipment when linked with the power system, and for safety shutoff in an emergency. Conventional high-power relays have a high contact resistance value, so energy loss due to heat generation has been an issue.

There were cases where heat dissipation mechanisms such as heatsinks and cooling fans had to be installed inside the equipment as a countermeasure against heat generation, and cases where the deterioration of the PC board due to the heat generated by the relay led to a decrease in the durable years of the equipment.

The G9KA can reduce the temperature rise of the relay by about 30% – compared with conventional high-power relays – by lowering the contact resistance to the industry-leading 0.2mW.

This product helps to reduce the size and weight of equipment by simplifying the heatsink and cooling fan that were installed as a countermeasure against heat generation. In addition, suppressing the heat generated by the relay leads to a reduction in the temperature rise of the PC board, thereby contributing to the longevity of the equipment.

OMRON will continue to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society through its customers’ products and services by creating advanced devices and modules based on the technologies it has cultivated over many years and providing them globally.


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