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Omron USB and PCB Environment Sensors at Heilind Electronics

Heilind Electronics has expanded its sensor offering for the IoT device market with new USB and PCB type environment sensors from Omron. These comprehensive sensors integrate various sensing capabilities into a single IoT unit.

Omron USB and PCB Environment Sensors

Featuring wireless communication functionality in an ultra-small footprint, Omron’s environment sensor is a multifunction component capable of tracking eight different environmental factors: temperature, humidity, light, UV index, barometric pressure, noise, acceleration and VOC (volatile organic compounds).

The new device offers multiple sensors in one unit as well as has built-in memory and connectivity through beacon communication as seen in its previous counterpart, the Omron 2JCIE sensor. Sensor data from the modules can conveniently be passed to the cloud through a smartphone or gateway. Alternatively, it can be stored in onboard memory.

It is convenient in application due to its compact size. The sensor can be accessed at all times and features its own embedded memory for data logging. The sensor can accumulate data for approximately three months (based on a communication frequency of once every five minutes) and connect to smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth. Data can be analyzed in the cloud, and threshold values can be set to provide alerts that notify the user of any abnormal sensor readings.

The Key Applications of the product include:

  • Monitoring and controlling both industrial and office environments to improve the workspace.
  • The sensors are also suitable for home and outdoor applications.

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